Our Business

I. Investing

Private Equity

We acquire underperforming or under-resourced businesses with the potential for outsized value creation through operational improvement. Please fill out our Contact Form to get in touch with us to discuss an opportunity. 

Legal Claims

We invest in legal claims, liquidation claims and similar assets relating to insolvent entities in European jurisdictions. Please fill out our Contact Form to get in touch with us to discuss an opportunity. 


II. Investor Services

Investment Manager Turnaround

We support General Partners in the turnaround of their investment management businesses.

We have had front-row seats at the collapse of Merrill Lynch and a mid-market private equity firm, and have participated in the rebirth and growth of multi-billion dollar global hedge funds. 

Our Core Learning? Poor performance is the result of bad processes and weak institutions that permit bad decisions and willful blindness.

We help implement strong investment processes, internal controls and investor transparency so that GPs can make better investment decisions and raise funds more efficiently.

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Strategic Advisory

As entrepreneurial investors we must value illiquid assets and structure complex transactions regularly. We make this unique experience available to clients and partners through our Strategic Advisory service. In contrast to a traditional M&A Advisor, we approach situations from the perspective of an investor and advise accordingly.

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Investment Sourcing

We specialise in sourcing off-market, difficult-to-find assets. We leverage our sourcing network to assist select clients in their search for investments. Our services are provided on the basis of a retainer and success fee.

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Operational Excellence

It is not uncommon for a management team to lose sight of the forest for the trees. The greatest businesses have lost their way for this very reason.  We bring a fresh perspective to help your business regain focus, identify weak points in your operations and support you in acting decisively to push your business to peak efficiency and cash generation.

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Leadership Support

Leadership is a lonely endeavour.  New problems always seems to get in the way of strategic priorities. We are an independent sparring partner for you on key issues. Let us help you keep your focus, realign your compass and maintain an operationally sound business.  We would enjoy an opportunity to learn about your objectives.

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